The Top 7 Marketing Trends to Invest In For 2023!

Marketing for business changes year in and year out, dictated by consumer markets and how people are using the internet.

This year is no different, as marketing professionals have been seeing increased results from a few techniques that are going strong.

With 2023 nearing the end of its first quarter, these are the top marketing services for business that companies looking to get ahead should consider investing in if they are not doing so already.

  1. Video Marketing - Possibly the most important method for business marketing today, video marketing that incorporates short but informative clips into other content or as short ads is proving to be profitable. 
  2. Influencer Marketing - Business collaborations with influencers are a growing trend that is continuing to see results. Functioning similarly to referral marketing, marketing collaborations with trusted influencers is a method that is still creating sales. 
  3. Expansion of Social Media - Social media is moving far beyond its role as a means of engaging followers, as it is quickly becoming an easy method for companies to provide fast customer service, build brand recognition, and handle reputation management through DMs and comments. 
  4. Greater Investment in SEO - As Google’s algorithms continue to evolve, so does every company’s need to invest in SEO to allow businesses to continue to be found. With changes to privacy laws happening and growing online competition, marketing services for businesses must still focus on having great SEO. 
  5. Sales and Marketing Teams Aligning - Sales and marketing for business must align today to reach the desired goals of both more easily. By sharing data between teams and working collectively based on that data, success can come more easily as teams understand how the other works. 
  6. Inbound Marketing Over Outbound - With so many digital marketing techniques changing and evolving, inbound marketing using SEO, content marketing, and other useful techniques has never been more important. As things change, and outbound marketing techniques are becoming less successful, strong inbound marketing to find ways to convince audiences to seek contact with brands has taken precedence. 
  7. Native Ads - Native ads that provide valuable and persuasive information without seeming like paid ads are highly effective today. Native website and social media ads that blend in with other content are especially desirable for grabbing attention and being more convincing.

Though the basics of digital marketing for business remain the same, companies seeking a competitive edge as marketing trends evolve should invest in these trends in 2023.

Contacting a marketing service for businesses that is familiar with these latest methods can help!