Cyber Defense – What Does That Mean in 2023?

As IT security threats continue to grow each year that passes, so does the need for more developed cybersecurity.

Entering 2023, cybersecurity has a new face, that being cyber defense, a stepped-up strategy for more effective cybersecurity.

Though similar in name, cyber defense services are the top-tier strategy to provide cybersecurity protection in the most effective ways.

What Is Cyber Defense?

It is a planned effort made by cyber defense companies to make a business’s networks more resilient against attacks and provide the necessary cybersecurity solutions to do so.

It includes activities such as: 

  • Installing, running, and maintaining the hardware and software required to create a security infrastructure. 
  • Identifying and patching network vulnerabilities. 
  • Implementing the cyber defense solutions required to diffuse zero-day network attacks.
  • Creating a recovery plan for successful full or partial network attacks.

How Are Cyber Defense Services Different From Cybersecurity?

Although the terms are frequently used synonymously and are related, there are definite differences between the two that should be known.

Cybersecurity is the prescribed set of solutions that are used to protect a company network against threats like software, network design, and network monitoring capabilities.

Cyber defense, an essential part of an overall cybersecurity strategy, involves the assessment for and planning of offensive protection, cybersecurity compliance, and other methods. 

What Is The Answer to Cyber Defense Services?

The key to cyber defense services is to focus on what is necessary to effectively prevent a threat attack as opposed to reacting once one has been launched.

Though this concept is part of overall cybersecurity, today it has become more important as threats are evolving and the effort to predict and prevent attacks is evolving with them.

Through the analysis and planning that occurs via cyber defense efforts, it is possible to have a more effective, and more protective cybersecurity strategy altogether. 

Prediction and Prevention is Part of A Good Cyber Defense

With cyber threats becoming more complex and more damaging, businesses need not only a plan to stop attacks but also methods for predicting and preventing them as well.

Cyber defense companies that specialize in network analysis can do that, adding a new layer to the cybersecurity protections a business currently has in place. 

Cyber Attacks Can Be Prevented

The ability to prevent an attack before it can result in data loss or malware download is the key goal in 2023 so recovering from losses is no longer necessary.

To keep up with the latest in cybersecurity and maintain a safe network, businesses should seek the services of an experienced cyber defense company today.